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Founded in 2018 by Lerynne West, The Callum Foundation is a private, family-run foundation that offers financial support to established, 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. As decided by the board of directors, the areas of specific interest include children's health, poverty and hunger, education, animal welfare, and veteran affairs.

As a part of the initial round of funding, requests from eligible organizations were due on April 15, 2019. The board is currently reviewing these applications and will be making decisions through the end of 2019. All organizations that submitted requests through the foundation’s online application form will be contacted once the review process is completed and funding determinations are made.

After 2019, the foundation is changing its approach to funding requests. Instead of requesting applications, the board will seek out funding opportunities and make contribution decisions based on how well an identified organization aligns with the mission, values and interests of The Callum Foundation. Any unsolicited proposals and/or requests for funding will not be accepted or considered.   

Thank you for your interest in The Callum Foundation.

Scam Warning to Individuals and Organizations 

There continue to be many unscrupulous people using social media and email scams to impersonate Lerynne West and/or The Callum Foundation to obtain personal financial information from individuals. When made aware of their existence, we are reporting them to the appropriate authorities.

These are fake accounts and false solicitations and should be ignored. Ms. West or The Callum Foundation will never ask you to share your financial information electronically, nor will they offer to provide funding to individuals. The foundation only donates to eligible, non-profit organizations, as designated by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. 

If you do receive any type of message promising funds in return for financial information and/or a payment upfront, delete the email, or social media messages when you receive them and do not respond to the requests, as they are scams and should be ignored.

The only place to get accurate and updated information on The Callum Foundation is at this website.