Thank you very much for reaching out to The Callum Foundation. We appreciate your interest.

Only non-profit, tax-exempt organizations are eligible to receive funding from the Foundation. This means we are unable to fund requests from individuals, or entities that have not already received 501(c)(3) status from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. 

Information on our funding request and review process will be posted on our website by February 1st, so please watch for more details at   

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Who We Are

Established in 2018 by Lerynne West and her family as an avenue to support worthy causes by sharing a portion of the winnings of a Powerball Jackpot, The Callum Foundation carries the name of a family member who did not have the opportunity to live a full life.

The goal of The Callum Foundation is to offer financial support to established, 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, as decided by the board of directors. Our board concentrates its contributions on key areas of interest throughout Central Iowa and beyond. These areas of specific interest include (but are not limited to): children's health; poverty and hunger; education; animal welfare; and veteran affairs.

The maximum amount of money allowed per request is $25,000; and only applications from 501(c)(3) organizations with valid tax ID numbers will be reviewed. All eligible organizations can apply via our  Request for Funding application

Thank you for your interest in The Callum Foundation!


There are unscrupulous people using several social media and email scams to impersonate Lerynne West, or The Callum Foundation to obtain personal financial information from individuals. These are fake accounts and false solicitations that we have reported to the appropriate sources. Neither Ms. West nor The Callum Foundation will ask you to share your financial information electronically. If this occurs, please delete the email, or social media messages when you receive them. The only place to get accurate and updated information on The Callum Foundation is at this website. 

Foundation Mission:

To provide funding to 501(c)(3) organizations to help individuals and strengthen communities in ways that will make a measured impact on the lives of those in need.

Foundation Vision:

To promote 501(c)(3) organizations that benefit the greater good and to ensure that people of all walks of life have the ability to live with purpose and dignity regardless of their income or background.

Lerynne West

Lerynne West was born and raised in Iowa. She spent most of her childhood in Earlham and has lived her adult life in various communities in Dallas County. 

Growing up, Lerynne lived on a farm with her parents, a welder and homemaker, and her seven siblings. Being from a large family, she is the first to admit she comes from humble beginnings and is no stranger to hard work and lean times.

Lerynne began working at a young age, walking beans and detasseling corn during the summer. She earned her G.E.D. in 1986 and began a series of blue-collar jobs, including work in several local factories, over the next decade. During this time, Lerynne also started a family, giving birth to three daughters.  

Wanting to provide a better life for her daughters, Lerynne began to take night classes to earn a four-year college degree – all while working full-time as a single mother. In 2004, while pursuing her degree, she started a job in the mailroom at Principal Financial Group. After five years of night school, she received her degree in human resources from Upper Iowa University in 2006 and continued working at Principal, where she held a variety of positions over the course of 14 years. 

In September 2018, Lerynne began a new position at Wellmark, but then resigned from the company shortly thereafter in October – thanks to the new-found financial freedom provided by winning the lottery.

Today, at age 51, Lerynne is a mother of three grown daughters and proud grandmother to six grandchildren. She is passionate about her family, friends, animals and showing support for our veterans. 

It was by chance that Lerynne happened to be in Redfield when she bought her winning ticket. However, it was not a coincidence that she bought a ticket, as Lerynne is a regular player of the lottery.

Looking ahead, Lerynne is excited about what the future holds and realizes she has experienced a life-changing moment. She plans to share her winnings with her family and friends, purchase a new home, and enjoy a long vacation (or several). Lerynne also plans to give to the causes and organizations that are meaningful to her and her family through the newly established Callum Foundation.



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All eligible organizations can submit an application for funding using the link below.

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